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Fire Containment Products

Fire Extinguishers

Fire-Rite fire extinguishers help stop a small fire from spreading and becoming a major disaster. Portable fire extinguishers are an essential part of your fire safety strategy.

Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

Fire-Rite fixed fire extinguishing systems protect high value assets and IT networks. Fire-Rite can design, install and maintain systems including CO2, inert gases, foam and watermist.

Dry And Wet Risers

Fire-Rite installs and maintains dry and wet risers that are designed for use by the fire brigade. Providing a means of delivering considerable quantities of water to extinguish a fire in multi-storey buildings (Hotels, Offices etc).

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire-Rite can provide a range of ancillary fire fighting equipment such as fire blankets, fire buckets. Sand, mobile fire points, fire stands and personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.).

Automatic Door Release Systems

Fire-Rite fire door release systems are an essential part of your fire safety strategy. Fire-Rite door closers ensure that your fire doors close automatically in the event of a fire.

Fire Door Services

Fire Doors are one of the unsung heroes of fire safety because for most of their working lives. They work just like any other door, however a fire door must fulfil its role as an engineered safety device. With its components working together for a specified time in order to hold back the spread of fire and smoke.
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