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Dry and wet risers are essential part of fire safety in larger buildings. Dry risers are used to transport water throughout a premises in the event of a fire, and they are typically located in stairwells or near fire exits. Wet risers are similar to dry risers, but they are filled with water at all times and are usually located in basement areas. Both types of risers must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they are in good working order. In the event of a fire, firefighters will use the dry or wet riser system to quickly transport water to the affected area. This will help to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading.

Dry riser systems in Bristol

Dry risers are an important part of any high-rise building's fire safety system. Usually located in a staircase, they provide a way for water to be pumped up to the upper floors in the event of a fire. Dry risers typically have an inlet at ground level that can be used by the fire brigade to pump water up the building. They also have outlets at each landing on the upper floors, which the fire brigade can use to attach a firefighting hose. In addition to being an effective way to fight fires, dry risers also play an important role in preventing fires from spreading. By pumping water up to the upper floors, they help to keep the stairwells clear and prevent the spread of smoke and flames. As a result, dry risers are an essential part of any high-rise building's fire safety system.

Wet riser systems Bristol

Wet riser systems are an important part of fire safety in tall buildings. These systems are kept charged with water at all times so that they can provide adequate protection against fires in upper reaches of taller properties. Fire Rite specializes in the repair and maintenance of wet riser systems at premises throughout Bristol. Our riser testing engineers all have extensive industry experience, serving many years within the fire service, so you can be assured your risers are being tested by competent personnel.

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