AFX Fireblocker Product Overview, Benefits & Features

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At FireRite, we are passionate about saving lives and property. We believe in researching and investing in technology in order to do so. One of the latest innovations on the market is the AFX Fireblocker extinguishing system. We’re impressed by its clean, fast, and effective abilities. We are now an approved Partner and our have received technical and sales training on the product.

What is AFX Fireblocker?

AFX Fireblocker is a fire extinguisher system that blocks fire by emitting an aerosol spray into the room when a fire is detected or activated.

There are two main versions – Nano and Carbon. The latter has received development input with Aerospace Propulsion Products, part of Ariane Group and a joint venture between AIRBUS & SAFRAN.

How does AFX Fireblocker work?

The aerosol extinguishes work at a molecular level. This means that it “encapsulates” the oxygen molecules (rather than expelling them). In doing so, it gives the fire nothing to feed on, so it cannot  expand.

AF-X Fireblocker Nano Series. The particles in the Nano are smaller than in the Carbon Series. In addition, because the molecules contain a few phenol groups, they can combine with additional free radicals. Further, being a Solid Based Compound, the Nano contains only dry substances. It’s highly efficient and cheaper than other systems available on the market. Plus it’s self-testing, meaning maintenance is easy and kept to a minimum.

AF-X Fireblocker Carbon Series. Developed and built with Aerosol Extinguishing Technologies BC, the Carbon Series is also cheaper than many of its competitors. Like the Nano Series, it’s self-testing, simple to install and maintain.

@afxfiresolution: “With our fire protection systems, it is possible to control the fire without causing any damage to people, the environment or other equipment and materials that are present in the room.”

Benefits of AFX Fireblocker

  • Maintenance cost is significantly reduced from traditional Gaseous systems
  • There is no risk from Pressurised cylinders
  • No requirement for a Room Integrity Test
  • No requirement for a pressure relief vent
  • It is relatively simple to install on any commercial premises
  • It can be activated immediately
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It is cheaper than most other fire extinguishing systems on the market today
  • 15 years life span

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