Apprenticeships, Mentoring And Personnel Development In The Fire Industry

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Here at FireRite, we believe in providing full training for apprentices in the industry. That involves close mentoring and monitoring the personal development of all our apprentices.

We are an award-winning outfit which believes in nurturing young talent. Right now, we have positions available for which we are happy to provide apprenticeships – Fire alarm engineers, Fire Stopping Technicians and Fire Door Fitter Technicians.

Fire Alarm Engineer

The Fire Alarm Engineer apprentice post will involve a regulated qualification, one on one mentoring by an experienced fire alarm engineer. He or she will spend learning basic principles of electrics, general fire safety and the importance of fire containment, automatic detection and early warning systems, design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

Fire Stopping Technician apprentice

The Fire Stopping Technician apprentice post will involve one to one training under the supervision of an experienced fire stopping engineer. He or she will spend time training you regarding fitting fire stopping to fire doors i.e. in dry lining techniques and fitting ablative batts. Basic principlaes of fire safety and the importance of fire containment. You will accompany the engineer on various client visits to help measure, repair and survey fire doors.

It will also involve correct storage and transportation techniques for materials, as well as ensuring fire safety compliance measures are upheld. There will also be reporting back to the Passive Fire Protection Manager on your activities.

Fire Door Fitter Technician

The Fire Door Fitter Technician will work closely with an experienced Fire Door Fitter, who will be taught how to install fire doors. This will involve installing and removing fire doors as well as remedial works.

The role will involve learning site measurement/surveys to measure and condition check for replacement or repairable fire doors. Like the Fire Stopping Technician apprentice, there will also be compliance and reporting measures to undertake.

Qualifications from the Fire Industry Training Academy

We believe our success as a company is down to the abilities and experience of our staff. It’s why we spend so long training and investing in them. We have very high standards and all our staff are trained under the Fire Industry Training Academy (FITA). The organisation has been training fire industry engineers, fitters and technicians for more than eight decades now.

@FITA_fire: “FITA have partnered with leading manufacturers to offer a fully interactive classroom experience with the latest equipment and a blended approach to fire training in a modern environment, with a suite of regulated and accredited courses covering a wide range of services delivered at FITA.”

Their courses result in qualifications which are recognised nationally throughout the fire industry. When working with FireRite, we will pay for you to take these courses and gain the necessary qualifications to progress.

Courses include Electrical & Emergency Lighting, Fire Risk Assessment, Detection and Alarm, Fire Awareness and Portable Fire Extinguishers.

Other vacancies at FireRite

In addition to apprentices, here at FireRite, we are also looking for a Fire alarm engineer, Fire stopping engineer and Passive estimator/surveyor.

Working with FireRite

As a company, we are passionate about saving lives through fire safety. That’s why we provide training for apprentices and technical expertise combined with first-class advice for our clients. We have two decades of experience in the fire safety businesses and ensure our clients are compliant with all regulations within the industry. That means advising them on particular firefighting equipment, fire safety measures and training for their own staff.

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