FireRite’s Statement on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our corporate policy and statement in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.
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As an employer and provider of services to residential and domestic homes we have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to protect our employees, customers, and others in their own home environment, particularly the more vulnerable.

Pausing non-essential services

We have decided, with immediate effect, to not perform any non-essential services within homes, flats, or residential care living areas. We will continue to complete servicing and maintenance of systems where the key Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting and Nurse Call control equipment is accessible without the necessity to enter living accommodation areas, this will also apply for Fire Extinguisher, Dry Riser and Fire Hydrant Servicing.

Emergency systems

This should enable us to ensure that the majority of Fire Safety systems are in good working order. We will, of course, always attend any emergency situation that arises where suitable precautions will be taken to reduce the risk of transmitting or receiving any undiagnosed virus.


In the case that a client does not wish to sign an engineer’s phone, the engineer will print the client’s name and take a photo of the site as proof of service/reactive call. I am sure we all share a desire to be proactive in the reduction of risks associated with this virus so hopefully you will find our proposals acceptable.

Moving forward

We also encourage our clients to inform us should there be any risk to our engineers at any of your sites. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, including checking the UK Government website advice to ensure we are acting in accordance with guidance from the UK government.

Kindest regards,

Kevin Selway Operations Director

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