Is Third-Party Certification Important?

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Third-Party Certification means that your goods or services have been tested by an independent body and found to be compliant for your industry. But it doesn’t just stop there. The same goods or services are checked, and the business audited on an annual basis.

In this sense, third-party certification can be regarded as a consumer protection scheme. Certainly, here in the UK only companies which have third-party certification are accepted as members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA).

You will know that a product has been third-party certified because it will have the testers mark printed on it or attached somewhere. The kite mark, for instance, is familiar with the BS standard procedure.

Why do you need third-party certification?

Third-party certification gives your business credibility. That’s because it shows your business meets the regulatory and legal requirements for the industry in which it operates.

BAFE is the independent registration body for third-party certificated fire safety organisations in the UK. It means any business interested in fire safety can access a list of qualified third-party certified members in the knowledge all competent and have been deemed so in line with fire industry requirements.

@BAFEFIRE: “UKAS Accredited Third-Party Certification and BAFE Registration to a BAFE Scheme provides quality evidence of organization competency for a specific fire safety service.”

It checks items such as portable fire extinguishers, Fire detection and alarms, life safety fire risk assessments and fixed extinguishing systems.

The benefits of third-party certification

Third-party certification allows you to prove to potential clients that your goods, services and business in general is competent and compliant with your industry. In other words, it means they can trust you to do the job they are hiring you for.

Not only that, but it proves to other stakeholders that they are teaming up with a respected and credible business. That means it can help you win more business and certainly, keep up with your competitors. You’re also more likely to keep the customers you already have.

Being third-party accredited also prompts you to look carefully at your business to see ways in which it can be improved and made more efficient. In this way third-party certification can be seen as a learning process, which allows you to keep your business up to date and familiar with new processes within the sector in which you operate.

An industry in which most of its businesses are third-party certified gives it a good reputation and is one in which other sectors will be keen to know more about and become associated with.

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