No Conflict Of Interest – Professionalism And A Passion To Protect Against The Risk Of Fire

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Since we invested in our Fire Consultancy division we were aware of the perceived ‘conflict of interest’ in the fire industry for companies like ourselves, Why? As we assess clients fire safety risks and are then providing Active & Passive fire solutions to address the findings within the assessment.

For some people, informing a company that they need to improve their fire safety and then, later on, assessing those improvements may appear conflicting. Because yes, we have passive and active fire protection and fire consultancy teams under the FireRite banner each independent from one another but with a common goal `Life safety`. But, we work well at delivering a professional service to clients and any overlap is always in the best interests of clients because, quite simply, it helps reduce the risk of fire (i.e. our core business!).

The Importance Of Third Party Accreditation

Certainly, there is no ‘conflict of interest’ in the one stop fire solution we offer clients. For many years, FireRite have sought third party accreditation for the services we provide. These ‘yardsticks’ (carried out on an annual basis), allow us to scrutinise and conduct an intrinsic evaluation of all our services. They also prove we are a professional company in terms of management, Competency knowledge and service delivery.

Our recent and successful NSI GOLD BAFE SP205 audit opened the team up to significant external scrutiny. The audit paid particular attention to the contents of our selected fire risk assessments, and the knowledge and training of our fire risk consultants.

Legally Committed To Providing The Best Advice

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 we have a legal duty to provide a service giving clients the correct information and services. This could be in terms of carrying out a fire risk assessment, or devising a service and maintenance plan for a fire alarm system. If we don’t do these properly we could be subject to legal action – not something any company welcomes.

In addition, when carrying out fire risk assessments our consultancy team goes to great lengths to ensure the client is made aware of the independence of the fire risk assessment process. The team is from the Fire and Rescue Service background (the ‘enforcing authority’). Everyone is aware of the stipulations of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mentioned in the previous paragraph. As a result, for our teams to do anything less would be extremely foolhardy from both a personal and professional perspective.

Good Communication And Scrutiny Between Teams

Interaction between the fire protection and fire consultancy teams involves questioning each other’s services. Good communication between teams is essential, with both sides taking findings from each other onboard and developing their services accordingly.

We are confident that with our one stop fire solution we demonstrate a professional approach when providing fire safety services to our clients. After all, it is a competitive market and there is a wide range of organisations that provide similar services. We are a leader in our field and are confident about what we can provide clients.

All we ask our clients, is that when they consider acting on the significant findings of the fire risk assessment, that Firerite are invited for commercial competitive tender and/or quotation. We are on a number of Frameworks that have vetted our pricing structure, certification and quality control for piece of mind.

Are we different to most fire safety practitioners? Yes and we are proud to offer life safety solutions by professionals. Partner with us now for your fire compliance.

To find out how you can look after your company’s fire risk and fire safety training, call FireRite today on: 029 2086 7222 or email us:

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