What Is Passive Fire Protection?

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Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is equipment that can help prevent or minimize the spread of fire.

The equipment or items involved in PFP include fire curtains, fire-resistant walls, fire stopping, fire doors, dampers etc. They all work to help to slow the spread of a fire once it has started, as quickly as possible.

PFP also provides a time window in which people can be evacuated if the fire, heat or smoke worsen. This is particularly valuable in the likes of elderly care homes, hospitals and large office blocks or factories as it ties in with the fire evacuation strategy.

Solid Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Systems

The following are some of our recommended PFP systems. We’ll also go on to talk about how they work:

Fire doors are designed to stop a fire in its tracks. They can slow it down, giving those in the building an additional 30 minutes or so to escape. These doors are much heavier than a standard internal door as they are usually solid core. As part of the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005, they must be regularly maintained.

Fire and smoke dampers are installed inside in heating and air conditioning systems. They stop fire from spreading by closing automatically the minute they detect smoke or heat.

Firewalls, floors, ceilings and ducts are created to stop a fire from spreading between rooms or areas of a building. These, too, offer precious minutes in which to escape a large fire.

PFT and its part in a larger fire safety strategy

Passive fire protection is only one part of a fire safety strategy for your building. It’s important to bring in a professional fire safety assessor who can advise you on aspects of the legislation, to which you must adhere regarding fire safety. They can also provide regular inspections and assessments to ensure your equipment and systems remain working, along with being able to train your staff by providing regular fire safety drills and instructions.

By bringing in Third Party Certified professional help, there is an assurance that you are fire safety compliant.

Get in touch

To ensure your fire protection is fully compliant and your premises are as fire safe as possible, get in touch and arrange for one of our professional fire safety officers to complete a full assessment. Call 029 2086 7222 or email sales@firerite.co.uk

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