Why You Should Join Our Emergency Preparedness Course

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It’s important for any organisation to be able to reduce risk, manage the situation and mitigate any impact that might arise from an emergency. One of the first approaches is to identify the best man – or woman – for such a job/s.

Our course can help prepare staff for such an emergency. In it, we take senior staff (managers and supervisors) through a series of confidence-building stages. This allows them to check their existing knowledge, look at their current skills and abilities and then appreciate the type of pitfalls that may arise when it comes to managing an emergency situation.

Course facilitators

Those taking the course include retired UK Fire and Rescue Senior and Principal Officers. All have extensive knowledge and experience of emergency situations, having attended to them in their role as senior fire officers. The team have also been involved in developing the UK and Welsh Governments' response to major incidents, civil emergencies, and terrorism in recent years.

Course content

During a tabletop exercise, played out in real-time, we look at pressures that arise during an emergency. This can often have a major impact on decision-making and which is why we regard it as a key learning exercise. It will consist of tutorials and led discussion sessions, while case studies will be used to highlight particular issues.

At the end of this course, your organisation will be able to respond quickly and appropriately to any emergency or crisis that might arise. Your employees will all know their roles, together with the part they have to play in your company’s Emergency Response Plan.

Course details

The course lasts for one day and can be carried out at your own premises or at some other arranged venue.

Those who typically attend are management within an organisation. I.e. employees who will end up taking on a leadership role and, as a result, become part of the emergency response team. On the day of the course, there can be from four to 15 people attending, depending on demand.

Course objectives

More detailed objectives that the course should bring about for employees attending include the ability to:

  • List the 6C’s of command and control
  • Change the risk assessment at the site and the impacts during an emergency
  • Describe the concept of leadership 
  • Identify the critical information required during emergencies
  • Apply team management and decision-making process through a tabletop exercise
  • Recall the site emergency procedures
  • Define the changing environment of the emergency
  • Demonstrate transferable skills to assist command and control in the event of an emergency

Pre-course training

If your organisation has a particular need, we are happy to come out and devise particular course materials. This could involve taking a look at your company’s risk profile. We can also include assessments for those attending.

Meanwhile, those who enjoyed the course and felt they gained specialist and valuable knowledge from it are encouraged to keep their skills up to date.

Get in touch

Find out more about the course or enquire about the help we can bring your organisation when it comes to emergency planning by contacting us on 029 2086 7222 or email sales@firerite.co.uk

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