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A fire breaking out in your place of work or home can be one of the most devastating events imaginable. Getting a fire risk assessment could mean the difference for you, your employees and your business.

A fire risk assessment is a snap-shot of your premises in terms of compliance with current fire safety legislation and the risk to life safety. It is an organised and methodical examination of a defined premises which takes into account the activities carried on, or planned to be carried out on site and the premises’ existing fire safety control measures. This gives an idea to establish the potential sources of fire and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause damage and harm.

What does it involve?

It’s simple; the assessor will visit your workplace and conduct a non-destructive and non-invasive survey of the premises followed by a further condition survey or structural survey where issues have been identified. 

The assessor would look at aspects such as fire hazards, fire prevention, means of escape, emergency escapes, safety signage, fire detection and alarm systems.

Why is it important?

A risk assessment could protect you legally, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires a fire risk assessment in virtually all buildings in England and Wales, other than domestic dwellings. But more importantly, a fire risk assessment can better help you protect your business and employees, it could prevent the loss of lives.

Risk assessments are relevant for businesses including (but not limited to) event venues, rental properties, offices, factories and summerhouses.

Nowadays, buildings are safer and fire-related deaths are less likely, in face they are half as common as they were 10 years ago. According to the Home Office, in 2016/17 there were 261 fire-related fatalities and 7,081 non-fatal casualties in fires. For every million people in England, there were 4.7 fire-related fatalities in 2016/17. Getting a fire risk assessment completed for every workplace would help achieve the goal to get these statistics closer to zero.

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FireRite are a team of highly qualified and experienced Fire Risk Assessors with combined Fire Industry (including Fire Authority) experience of over 120 years. We provide a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment validated by a Principal Fire Risk Consultant and issued with a “Certificate of Conformity” which provides documented evidence that the fire risk assessment conforms to the Scheme and the requirements of the Specification. This gives the confidence that the fire risk assessment has been correctly undertaken.  FireRite are NSI Gold BAFE SP205 and UKAS accredited.

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