FireRite’s New Virtual Fire Risk Assessments are Now Available

FireRite’s New Virtual Fire Risk Assessments are Now Available
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Are you responsible for day-to-day fire risk management in a Care Home? Have you been worried about your fire safety arrangements during the lockdown?

FireRite now offer a virtual fire risk assessment tool for care homes and other businesses who need one. In these unprecedented times, access to premises can be heavily restricted to protect staff and residents/occupants.

Although it does not replace a full fire risk assessment, our virtual interim fire risk assessment tool will help you keep pace with the changing circumstances inside your care home which may impact fire safety. You’ll also get the added peace of mind that your premises are as safe as possible whilst your staff can prioritise caring for people during the pandemic. Contact us today to learn more about completing a virtual fire risk assessment in your premises or scroll down to learn more.

How it works

Your virtual fire risk assessment will be completed online using video conferencing, so you’ll be speaking directly to one of our fire risk specialists during the process. It will involve you or your staff gathering some basic fire safety information about your building or premises, with expert bespoke guidance and support from a qualified fire risk assessor.

Firstly, the person in charge of day to day fire safety management will read the existing fire risk assessment (this should have been conducted by a competent person). Following that, they will gather up-to-date fire safety information by downloading a standard free template, specifically created for care homes.

Next, choose from one of three new packages, all of which include specialist support from a fully qualified Fire Safety Consultants here at FireRite.

This will supplement your existing fire risk assessment and assist in identifying if there are any interim fire safety actions required until it’s safe practical to allow professional fire risk assessors safely back into your premises.

In the case of an unacceptably high risk fire being identified in the process, appropriate advice and support will be given by our consultancy team working closely with key premises staff. 

* We'll supply the video conferencing link - all you need is a device and an internet connection.

It should be emphasised that Fire Protection is classed as essential work and your premises must be safe from fire. However, we understand that it may not be practical to allow professional fire risk assessors into your premises at the moment. Social distancing still plays a vital role in reducing the spread of Coronavirus and we should continue to shield those who are most vulnerable.

Fire risk and safety management has not gone away. In fact, it is now more important than ever as your key staff are focused on managing the COVID-19 situation.

Important Note: This is not a full fire risk assessment, we recommended that you have a full assessment undertaken by a competent certified company when it is safe to do so. We recommend a full fire risk assessment by a certified company such as Firerite who are NSI Gold QMS9001 2015, BAFE SP205 Certified to complete Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments.

Chat with one of our expert fire safety consultants today!

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