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Fire Safety Training

A full range of staff fire safety training is available in standard packages and/or bespoke courses can also be arranged to suit client's requirements.

These courses meet legislative requirements for initial/ induction fire training and periodic refresher sessions with packages designed for general fire safety awareness, fire marshal and assistant fire marshal roles and responsibilities, fire evacuation training, practical fire extinguisher training and depending on the size of an organisation executive/senior manager fire awareness and accountability sessions.

Fire Awareness and Advanced Fire Awareness

The actions of staff if there is a fire is crucial to their safety and that of other people in the premises. All staff should receive appropriate fire safety training commensurate with their role in the Organisation. Our experienced trainers deliver the basic fire awareness course which provides a sound understanding of fire including:
  • Hazards, risks and probable causes of fire in the workplace
  • Various fire precautionary measures provided in the workplace e.g.Fire resisting construction / compartmentation, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire signage and firefighting equipment
  • General fire prevention & good housekeeping
  • Action in case of fire & evacuation procedure
  • Specific roles within the Emergency Action Plan e.g. calling the fire brigade
  • Our advanced courses define and deliver additional content on the role of the Fire marshal and use of portable fire extinguishers

Corporate Fire Risk

This course is aimed at Board Members and Senior Management, our experienced staff provide delegates with enhanced awareness of the legislative accountability and compliance of Organisations and Managers with regard to fire safety. It describes the range of enforcement options available to Regulators and their implications and increases awareness of the fire safety guidance documents and minimum standards expected by regulators.

The importance of strong inspirational leadership to promote and develop a robust effective fire safety culture throughout the organisation is described along with recognised models for fire risk management systems (FRMS).

Evacuation and Fire Drills

In addition to basic fire awareness, this course will cover all aspects of the fire evacuation procedure for your premises, whether it is a residential care/hospice type premises adopting a progressive horizontal evacuation strategy or a building/area which implements a simultaneous evacuation strategy e.g. a school, office, shop, factory etc.

Our experienced trainers will give your staff an understanding and appreciation of the importance of effective action in case of fire including staff response to the fire alarm, calling the fire brigade and effective evacuation procedures.

Bespoke Courses

Can’t find a suitable course to suit your risk?

Our experienced trainers will create tailor-made courses to suit your training needs and address your individual risks. Examples of this are courses developed for those dealing with fires at waste sites, re-cycling centres and at steel mills. From extinguisher courses to training of industrial fire teams, FireRite will work with you to provide the most appropriate training relative to your risks.
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Fire Safety CPD Training Courses

Stay updated on fire safety regulations, risk assessments, evacuation procedures, and more with our fire safety CPD-accredited online courses. Our flexible learning options ensure you can expand your expertise from home.

Level up your fire safety skills with our comprehensive training courses. Designed for professionals in all settings, from risk assessments to evacuation procedures and fire suppression systems. Earn CPD accreditation and enrol today to address fire safety in your workplace or community proactively.

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